In 2020, the acceleration of digital transformation initiatives and rise of distributed workforces created wide open gaps in enterprises’ security defenses. With cybercrime reaching new heights and nation-state cyber activity intensifying, security is more important than ever.

Our Work-Bench Security Perspectives 2021 Report addresses rising security concerns in the enterprise as well as the top trends, tools, and technologies poised for growth in the coming year.

See the full Work-Bench Security Perspectives 2021 Report 👉 here👈

Automating Vendor Security Due Diligence

We’re excited to announce that we led a $3M seed round in VISO Trust, with participation from Sierra Ventures and Lytical Ventures.

VISO Trust fixes the broken and time intensive process of third party risk management with a platform that optimizes the speed, accuracy, and scalability of vendor due diligence. Their third party lifecycle management solution is created by security professionals that meets customers and vendors where they are.

The Problem

It’s no secret that vendor relationships are crucial to successful enterprise operations. Vendor relationships are growing at a rapid pace that was only expedited by the pandemic and new digital demands…

This post was originally published in TechCrunch on January 12, 2021.

While the initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided for businesses, one of its main legacies is how it ushered in a tidal wave of accelerated digital transformation.

A recent Twilio survey revealed that 97% of global enterprise decision-makers believe the pandemic sped up their company’s digital transformation, and on top of that, 79% of the respondents said that COVID-19 increased the budget for digital transformation.

As technology becomes the driving force of competitive differentiation, cloud plays a key role in making this a reality and impacts everything…

We continued our “State of Enterprise Tech” Webinar Series this week spotlighting “The State of Automation” with a panel of experts from the startup and corporate ecosystem, including Harald Collet, CEO and Co-Founder of Alkymi, Preeti Asthana, Director of Innovation & Partners, Data & Analytic Services at Aon, and Elizabeth Granda, Director of Digital Automation at CIT.

During the panel, we discussed how Fortune 500s are thinking through automation strategies today and in the future, and the biggest challenges for adoption. …

We recently launched our “State of Enterprise Tech” Webinar Series, which kicked off with our first webinar on “The State of AI.”

Our panel of corporate and startup leaders, including Adam Wenchel, CEO and Co-Founder of Arthur, Olga Lagunova, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, VP Commerce Cloud Technologies at Pitney Bowes, and Patrick Wagstrom, Director of Emerging Technologies at Verizon, discussed what Fortune 500 adoption of AI/ML tools and technologies looks like today, and where it is heading in the future.

In case you missed it, you can watch the full webinar on YouTube here and read my top takeaways…

With over eight years of New York Enterprise Tech Meetup (NYETM) under our belt, bringing together the enterprise tech community of Fortune 500 execs, enterprise startups, and investors in NYC, we’re now in full swing hosting the NYETM online with our second virtual meetup earlier this week.

This month’s NYETM was moderated by Mark Settle (7x CIO, including former CIO of Okta), and included panelists Kim Huffman (VP of Global IT at Elastic) and Sylvie Veilleux (CIO of Dropbox) who discussed the impact of COVID-19 and their current enterprise technology agenda.

For both Dropbox and Elastic, shifting to a work-from-home…

Here at Work-Bench, we understand that getting in front of CxOs is tough and standing out from the crowd during COVID-19 can be even more difficult. Early-stage startups have a lot on the line, so nailing their messaging and approach while selling to new and existing customers is critical as doing so incorrectly can ruin their chances at a sale and damage their reputation.

This is a two part edition of CxO Corner, our Q&A series with our Fortune 500 executive network. Our first post dove into the Shifting Priorities for Enterprise Leaders During COVID-19 and in this post, we…

This is a two part edition of CxO Corner, our Q&A series with our Fortune 500 executive network. In this post, our executive network shares feedback on priorities and initiatives that are the most top of mind in the world of COVID-19. While there are still uncertainties surrounding the pandemic’s full impact, their perspectives highlight the many opportunities and challenges in the enterprise.

Productivity & Morale Come First

With the pandemic requiring many to work from home, enterprises had to quickly mobilize their global workforce while supporting employees and their wellbeing. …

We’re excited to announce that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has acquired our Work-Bench portfolio company Scytale. Here at Work-Bench, we’ve had many conversations with those in our corporate network surrounding the challenges created by the growing complexity and size of heterogeneous infrastructure environments, along with the need for speed for digital initiatives. These challenges have shifted engineering and security team’s focus towards built-in infrastructure security that enables developers and operations groups to move fast and maintain rigorous safeguards.

To get at the core of the problem, enterprises need to rethink identity. The SPIFFE and SPIRE open source projects championed by…

Bringing Trust and Transparency To ML

We’re excited to announce our investment in Arthur’s $3.3M seed round with Index Ventures and Homebrew.

Innovations in machine learning and AI algorithms, such as neural networks and deep learning, show promise of better performance and efficiency. However, the mechanics that make this possible do so at the expense of explainability and control. As machines become increasingly relied on to make decisions, it’s more necessary than ever to have the ability to unpack the reasoning behind those judgments. …

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